Invest Like a Pro


portfolio sales

If you're looking to sell your portfolio of residential rental properties and your priorities are clear communication, deadlines that are respected and achieved, and attention to detail on each sale, we may be a good fit.  Our investor clients have historically been the biggest fans of our information on: 

Pre-sale repairs that offer the biggest bang for your buck
Historical calendar data to avoid bad listing start dates/weekends

buy and hold / house hacking

For investors that are still building their portfolio, or want their foray into real estate to have a significant investor focus. Feel free to reach out to us to help you develop your investment strategy, discuss trends, or even for clarification on the many terms used in real estate investing such as - house hacking, cash on cash return, cap rate, BRRR, turnover, holding costs, hard money, CapEx, the list goes on.  Investors in this group might be most interested in our advice on: 

Areas with the most potential for buy and hold investments
Search criteria to help identify possible investments
Step by step advice on house hacking, with a focus on educating and empowering the client for a solid first deal. 

network referrals

Real estate is our full time job. It's what we do day in and day out. Inevitably we come across a wide range of real estate professionals and those working in related fields. If you're having trouble finding a true professional in the industry, let us help you connect with the right person. Our network ranges widely from: 

The friendliest electrician in Colorado
An awesomely priced radon mitigation company
Hustlin' real estate agents across the US of A, to name a few!